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Refund & Cancellation

Payments and Fee for Services and Cancellation or Rescheduling of Sessions
The cloudcuckooland website explicitly mentions the fee for each therapist/doctor. Please note, at cloudcuckooland, we uphold the principle of “fairness”, so each therapist/doctor charges his/her client uniformly. No fee modification request will be considered.
Payment is due in advance online by account transfer or unless other arrangements have been made and discussed.
Cancellations or rescheduling of sessions is allowed within a 24-hour period.
Any cancellations/rescheduling/missed appointments occurring without a 24 hour notice will be fully charged for.The discretion to waive of the cancellation fee would lie with the cloudcuckooland team.
Contacting Us
For any communication, please use official email as the primary mode of communication.
Termination of therapy
Your participation in treatment is voluntary and you may discontinue at any time without any obligation. We discuss the probable length of treatment in our initial session, and periodically during subsequent sessions. Typically, termination occurs when you meet your goals.
If we realise that you are not benefiting from sessions or that you need additional treatment, we will bring this up for discussion and provide appropriate referrals to you.
Unless planned, if we do not hear from you for one month after your last session, we will close your file and any payments made in advance for the sessions will be forfeited.
You can contact us any time in the future if you want to resume treatment with us.

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