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Our Story

Cloud Cuckoo Land, an idyllic land where everything is beautiful. Such a setting was established by the Greek philosopher Aristophanes for his play ‘The Birds’.
‘The Birds’ is a narrative about abandoning a life of disappointment to start over. The birds are the ones who constructed this ideal place, the cloud cuckoo land. The story recounts Pisthetaerus, an Athenian who persuades all the birds in the world who were disillusioned with their existence to construct a new city,in the sky, so taking control over all communication between gods and mortals. They termed it the Cloud Cuckoo Land. After their city was established, prayers and sacrifices no longer reached the gods. Finally Zeus, the ruler of gods accepts all the demands put out by the
birds and surrenders his sceptre. The triumph of the birds of Aristophanes awakens in us the potential of such a world amongst us.

Our Mission

Located in the heart of Ernakulum city providing easy accessibility and complete confidentiality, Cloud Cuckooland is the brainchild of dedicated professionals in the field of mental health. We have set our aims as high as the birds. We aim to provide Mental Health for all by creating a community where people can start afresh and learn to love their life. We will ensure that the best professional aid is made available for people facing mental health and substance abuse issues. Round the clock availability of doctors, counsellors, and other medical personnel is ensured to provide the best care possible.

Acceptance that help is needed to face mental and emotional challenges as well as substance abuse problems requires tremendous courage.

Like the birds who defied the gods,We celebrate this show of courage and hope to break the taboo of discussing the problems of the mind faced by people. We aim to sensitise the concerned individuals and their families about the need for addressing the problems using solutions that are easily available.

We want to make the people understand that it’s all right to be different, to stand out from the crowd. We hope to give wings to their ideas so that they can take to the skies and reach Cuckooland where everyone is allowed to become everything they want to be, a place where people can be themselves and still be happy.

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